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Tree Tropical

Tree Tropical, located at 2771 SE Melaleuca Blvd in Port St. Lucie, New York, is a versatile business dedicated to providing a wide range of services to its customers. With a focus on agricultural service, fertilizer supply, food brokerage, fruit and vegetable retail, furniture manufacturing, garden center operations, garden furniture retail, plant nursery services, and property management, Tree Tropical is a one-stop destination for all your needs.

One of the main services offered by Tree Tropical is its agricultural service. With a team of experienced professionals, they provide expert advice and assistance to farmers and agricultural businesses. Whether it’s crop selection, pest control, or soil management, Tree Tropical has the knowledge and resources to help maximize productivity and yield.

As a fertilizer supplier, Tree Tropical offers a variety of high-quality fertilizers to meet the specific needs of different crops and plants. Their extensive range includes organic and synthetic options, ensuring that customers have access to the best products for their requirements.

In addition to their agricultural services, Tree Tropical also operates a fruit and vegetable store. Here, customers can find a wide selection of fresh, locally sourced produce. From juicy fruits to crisp vegetables, Tree Tropical ensures that only the finest quality items make it to their shelves.

Furthermore, Tree Tropical is a reputable furniture manufacturer. They specialize in creating beautiful and durable furniture pieces for both indoor and outdoor use. From elegant dining sets to comfortable lounge chairs, their products are designed to enhance any space.

For those looking to spruce up their gardens, Tree Tropical operates a garden center and garden furniture shop. Here, customers can find a wide range of plants, flowers, and garden accessories to create their dream outdoor oasis. Additionally, their garden furniture collection offers stylish and functional options to complete the look.

With a plant nursery on-site, Tree Tropical also provides a wide variety of plants and trees for landscaping projects. From vibrant flowers to towering palm trees, customers can find everything they need to transform their outdoor spaces.

As a property management company, Tree Tropical offers comprehensive services to property owners. From maintenance and repairs to tenant management, they ensure that properties are well-maintained and profitable.

With a wheelchair accessible parking lot, Tree Tropical prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity for all its customers.

With a stellar rating of 5 out of 5 from two satisfied clients, Tree Tropical is highly recommended for all your agricultural, gardening, and property management needs. For more information and to explore


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