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Woods International

Woods International, located at 705 Baker Ct in High Point, New York, is a renowned garden center dedicated to providing exceptional services to its clients. With a phone number of (336) 861-9100, they are easily accessible to assist with all your gardening needs.

As a highly rated business, Woods International has received a remarkable grade of 5 out of 5 from satisfied clients. This speaks volumes about the quality of their services and the level of customer satisfaction they strive to achieve.

At Woods International, they offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Whether you are looking for expert advice on plant selection, landscaping services, or assistance with garden maintenance, their team of knowledgeable professionals is ready to assist you.

Their garden center is stocked with a variety of plants, flowers, and gardening supplies to help you create the garden of your dreams. From vibrant annuals to hardy perennials, they have a wide selection to choose from. Additionally, they offer a range of gardening tools, fertilizers, and soil amendments to ensure your plants thrive.

If you are in need of landscaping services, Woods International has you covered. Their experienced team can help design and implement stunning landscapes that enhance the beauty of your property. Whether you are looking to create a tranquil oasis or a vibrant outdoor entertaining space, they have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Maintaining a garden can be a time-consuming task, but with Woods International, you can enjoy a beautiful garden without the hassle. Their garden maintenance services include pruning, weeding, and regular care to keep your garden looking its best throughout the year.

In conclusion, Woods International is a reputable garden center that offers a range of services to meet all your gardening needs. With their exceptional customer service and expertise, they have earned a well-deserved rating of 5 out of 5 from their clients. To experience their top-notch services, visit their website and get in touch with them today.